When I’m the Victim of Mistaken Identity. The Struggle is Real.

not Matthew Smith

I guarantee someone will see me somewhere, and swear that I’m this guy.

I was minding my own business in a Barnes & Noble cafe, reading one of those over-sized lifestyle magazines with cover models you think you’ve seen somewhere, but you haven’t, because they’re just cover models for lifestyle magazines. Continue reading

If Mom Knew Any More About Social Media, I’d Have to Take Her Seriously

Mom likes to pretend that this her idea of a "mobile device."

Mom’s idea of a “mobile device.”

Mom claims she doesn’t understand Twitter. She uses “Twitter” as the generic descriptor for all of “social media.” Like calling all tissues Kleenex or all lip balms Chapstick.

To her, social media means talking to strangers all over the world about personal things that strangers don’t care about or need to know. “Don’t tell your Facebook friends that you’re on vacation,” she’ll say, “or else you’ll be that guy on the news who gets robbed and can’t figure out how it happened.” Continue reading